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Hola!  Welcome to Casa Christensen
casa christensen panoramica friendly unique vacation, that allows the senses to be filled with the smells of tropical gardens,  song birds, ocean waves and so much more.  Imagine the sensation of falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, maybe while swaying in a hammock.  Star filled skies, watching the moon come up or the sun go down.   Floating in the lagoon for hours at a time,  all these experiences and so much more are available for your group, family or friends.    This property is ideal for eight people or less.  
Every effort to maintain sustainability through, established re-constructed wet lands, energy use and recycled and reused materials are all features of this property.  There is a pool that is is a lagoon!   There are fans in  all rooms and the design   of this home, allows for maximum cross ventalation and breezes to flow.
Casa Christensen is a sustainable property and is owned and operated by the Christensen family.  Their commitment to the environment and stewardship of the community has been present since they joined the community in 1979. 
Casa Christensen a wonderful option for travelers in a splendid villa/ home.  Over the years families, couples, , family reunions and yoga retreats have been celebrated and remembered by many at Casa Christensen.  
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Aimee & Carol 
Casa Christensen
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